Examples of restoration/conservation work carried out on porcelain objects.

Case study for the pair of Blanc de Chine Foo Dogs


Dimensions 8cm x 11cm x 6.5cm.

Both figures had damaged areas.

Dog A – A stained firing crack running down the vase at the foot of the dog, the ball was missing and approx. 1.5cm of rope, the tail was also missing one fin and there was a crack across the left fore-leg and in the body of the dog.

Dog B – The dog’s tail was missing 2 fins.


  • Both figures had labels on the underside that had to be preserved. These were temporarily removed with a solution of water and IDA (Industrial Denatured Alcohol) prior to any treatment.
  • The figures were cleaned with a solution of non-ionic detergent and steam cleaner.
  • The missing fins were modelled in white modelling wax and a mould taken.
  • A mould was taken of the undamaged ball.
  • Both moulds were cast with Fynebond epoxy resin that has been colour matched with dry powder pigments and polyester dyes.
  • The cast ball was abraded to reduce its size to allow for glaze layers.
  • Hairline cracks were consolidated with a liquid epoxy resin and filled where necessary.
  • All areas were polished with micromesh polishing cloths.
  • Labels adhered to underside of the object with 1:1 Paraloid B72.