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Home – Beky Davies ACR | Ceramic Conservation and Restoration Services

The studio specializes in the remedial conservation and restoration of ceramic objects and related materials including:-

  • Hard and soft paste porcelain
  • Low fired ceramics – earthenware and archaeological ceramics
  • Enamels – including Cloisonné and plique a jour
  • Stoneware & Parian ware
  • Glass & Ivory
  • Marble & Jade
  • Architectural ceramics 

Preventive conservation services we offer include:

  • Preventive Conservation Audits
  • Condition Reports 
  • Collection Care advice 

Beky Davies HND ACR has run her conservation practice in Somerset since 2003, her client base is worldwide and includes the National Trust, Royal Historic Palaces, leading Auction Houses, specialist dealers and private collectors in the UK and America,

Beky is an Accredited member of the Institute of Conservation. An Accredited conservator (ACR) is a fully-qualified professional who has an extensive knowledge of conservation ethics and practice.

All work in the studio is carried out to the highest standard using the finest quality conservation grade materials and techniques.

The studio is well equipment with excellent security and is fully insured.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any enquiries